The secrets to a comfortable home


Looking at images of beautiful homes is part of my job, where noting the latest trends and pinpointing the ‘it’ colour, furniture shape or material finish is the delightful task at hand. While this kind of research excites me (I have been known to Pin until dawn), the rooms with heightened levels of comfort really fascinate me because they’re often the result of an undefinable mix of elements.  Continue reading “The secrets to a comfortable home”


The New Awkward


Life is hard at thirteen. It’s a battle of epic proportions, where the sight of a burgeoning pimple is understood as a call to arms and tactical school yard ambushes are planned out weeks and weeks in advance.My own experience yawed between extreme insecurity and a drive to push myself into a confident place. I felt like I would never be cool enough (cool being the only currency in the school yard) and my way to work through that was to take control of what I could. Fashion was that outlet for me and even if  the choices I was making were misguided, it made me feel good about myself.

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Holiday road

toast 4.jpg

There are a swag of lifestyle brands out there who pulse fresh waves of beautiful imagery into the world on a regular basis. These images feature sun soaked beaches and bleached cobblestone streets, jewel green jungles and exotic architecture from another time and place. They transport us from our daily grind and ginger us up with holiday feeling.

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