Current obsession- Ricardo Bofill



Sometimes there are energies at play that block your every move and force your attention with a slap in the face. That has happened to me in just the last 24 hours with the work and life of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

Last night, a close friend of mine sent me a link to this incredible video on Nowness, showcasing the majestic beauty of Bofill’s live-in-studio. The former concrete factory, with it’s sweeping ceilings, dramatic arched windows and brutal exterior, is simultaneously beautiful and overwhelming, the sort of place I would have to walk around in silence so that I had the best chance of absorbing every corner, every texture and every dance of light. I watched the clip quite a few times last night and then visited it again today, with the vision and mood playing over and over in my head.

Bofill_266-12 001richard-powers_la_fabrica_barcelona_spain_ricardo_bofill_taller_arquitectura_34ricardobofill_fabrica_db_07ricardobofill_fabrica_db_02ricardobofill_fabrica_db_03

Without prompting, his work also popped up on my Instagram feed a few times over the course of the day, in particular the very photogenic apartment complex “La Muralla Roja” featured below. With the complex’s pastel colour palette and bold geometric profiles, it’s no wonder this highly regarded designer’s work is the subject of many photographer’s art prints (also seen on Instagram today unprompted), sparking love heart eyes all over the globe. It’s hard to ignore.


All images via designboom





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