Spices and Gold for A/W 2017


It’s only the most subtle of shifts but today I felt a little bit of Autumn in the air and I am excited to think about the new directions the changing season will bring. Here are two trends that are only a leaf drop away. 

Seventies Spice

Rich and spicy colours like cinnamon, ochre and terracotta are awkwardly placed next to purples, emerald and deep blues, for a real seventies take on the palette. Add velvet and highly tactile finishes and you’ve got yourself a swinging, on-trend look for the cooler months ahead.



Tarnished Gold

The new metals we are seeing hark back to days gone by, with not a skerrick of shiny, cheap copper to be seen. The metallics are warm- gold, brass and bronze- and perfectly imperfect. It features as an accent, a leg or a handle, or as a large surface area for a bigger statement.


Top image by Margaret De Lange






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