Indigo a-go-go



Denim is my one and only when it comes to fashion. From finishes that are clean, rigid and raw, to messed up and soft like silk, I feel there is a place and a time for it all.

I am happiest when I am wearing denim in some form, whether it is a pair of slouchy cut off shorts, neat indigo stove pipes or a chambray shirt. American fashion retailer Madewell always do a good job styling their denim in a perfectly layered, casual way and my current favourite pair of jeans to wear are an older style from Zoe Karssen, a tapered slouch cut in faded denim with just the right amount of tear and stitching embellishments.

denim2.jpgb18cc8759c4961993b9b8972274d9969.jpgdenim 1221.jpgdenim8.jpgdenim6.jpgdenim1.jpgdenim4.jpgdenim9.jpg


1.Erin Wasson for Madewell 2.Tumblr 3.Faithful Fall2015 4.Madewell

5. Vanessa Jackman 6. Madewell 7. Pepamack 8. Tumblr 9. True Lane


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