How to get shit done


It seems everyone is hustlin’ these days. In between work, family, social commitments and side projects, we are a bunch of do-ers who seem to be addicted to being busy. Everyone is on a mission to get shit done.

‘Getting shit done’ can mean ticking off that never ending to-do list. It can mean kicking all the goals with your family or collecting gold stars at work. Whatever area of your life needs a rocket up the butt, you know there is no magical motivational stationary or inspirational quotes that will do it for you. You have to work out the best way to be more productive in your day to day, in ways that suits you and the way you live. Here are a few ideas to help you get shit done (GSD).

 1. If something is going to take less than 5 minutes to complete, do it right away.

This is a life rule that I live by. Our days are filled up with so many little tasks, little tasks that can turn into bigger issues if they are pushed to the end of the to-do list and forgotten about. Respond to that quick email, chuck your dirty clothes in the laundry or reply to your mum’s text. By getting the little stuff out of the way, you declutter your brain and give yourself more mental dexterity to tackle the big stuff.

2. Don’t feel bad about saying ‘No’.

The biggest road block to GSD is when you freeze because you are so overwhelmed by your huge list of things to do. Sometimes it is easier to say “Yes, I will do that for you” than it is to politely and tactfully decline, so we find ourselves often biting off more than we can chew. You need to give yourself enough down time in the day, enough quiet moments to let your mind relax and wander, giving you a chance to put everything in perspective and refocus your goals. This balance is important- ain’t nobody GSD if they are burnt out and stretched thin.

3. Lay off the social meds.

One single notification on your device can unravel your concentration and set your productivity levels backwards in a major way. Limit how much posting, pinning and snapping you do in day. If you have to knuckle down to get a chunk of work done, banish your phone to another room and don’t even think about opening up Facebook on your laptop. If social media plays an important part of your work or personal brand, utilise scheduling apps so that you day doesn’t have to be constantly interuppted.

4. Ask. For. Help

The people I know who are kicking arse in their careers are those who are humble enough to admit when they need help. By pulling someone in to support you where you need it, you alleviate the pressure on yourself to complete the task all on your lonesome and you give yourself the opportunity to bone up on a skill that you may have been lacking. Don’t see it as a sign of weakness, see it as a form of personal development and the opportunity to meet some new people and widen your network.

5. Embrace the imperfect

Realise that the people who get shit done are the ones who aren’t afraid to make mistakes. I could tweak this blog post one thousand times over and never be 100% happy with it but then it would always be sitting in the draft folder and niggling at the back of my mind, distracting me from other things. You learn from everything you do but you will never do anything or move on if you wait for perfection. In The Done Manifesto they say that progress is better than perfection and in light of that, I am hitting the Publish button and the post will exist as something I have done. Now I can get on with my day.

Image via Faithful Travels 


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